from a chinses student who is studying in oxford uni币小哥

  1. get an english girlfriend or boyfriend (typical japanese approa...

from a chinses student who is studying in oxford uni币小哥

  1. get an english girlfriend or boyfriend (typical japanese approach, but it requires willingness and a lot of ground work)

  2. make some english friends who share the same interest with you (drinking is the most common one, yet, you need to have money, time and the ability to drink)

  3. find a job where no other chinese works, it will force you to listen and to speak (a telesale job is the best, but you will need some guts and if you can get one)

  4. watch tv or listen to the radio (darkblue approach) make sure you watch something you enjoy, otherwise it will make you asleep. (simpsons is great, a good place to pick up some attitude and childish jokes)

  5. by having a pen-pal on-line will help your writing skills (not encouraging you to date online, a chat room is a good place to "pick up" someone to write with).

  6. sounds not socialable, but try not to hang out with other chinese all the time (i stress all the time). also don't try to speak english with your chinese friends, it will only become negative influence and make you sound like hongkies.

  7. must have guts! practice is the only way out and you know it. that's why the kiddies learn faster than adults, they are fear-free!

  8. when you are having a conversation in english, make sure you understand what people are saying to you. ask again if you didn't catch what they are saying, don't assume, to avoid embarrassment and the habit of assuming.

  9. read newspapers usually helps. if you want to learn the day-to-day english, best paper to buy is the sun (certainly not only for the page 3). ft or the time is a good place to learn the writing style if you are doing finance or law.

  10. a combination of above nine really, adapt which ever one suit you the most. (if you are married or attached, the no. 1 will certainly be out of the window) if you give a bit of guts and willingness, before you know it, your english would have improved so much that you could surprise yourself.

  good luck!



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